Since 1992

About Hoboken Farms

Hoboken Farms operates in 30 weekly farmers markets across New Jersey and New York.  Since 1992 the company has offered an expertly curated selection of locally baked artisan breads, fresh mozzarella cheese, pasta and meats. Their Big Red Marinara Sauce is sold at Whole Foods Market, Bed Bath and Beyond, a small select group of independent retail shops, and was name Best Marinara Sauce in the country by the Wall Street Journal. In 2011, Hoboken Farms opened their first Awesome Sandwich Shop in Summit NJ. In 2012, Hoboken Farms completed a partnership with Equinox gyms to open Hoboken Farms Good Health Café’s inside their new New Jersey locations.The foundation of Hoboken Farms lies in the mission to delight the customer and serve its employees and community.